Antique Fante Asafo Flag from Ghana - 1920's/30's


This excellent pre-independence Fante Asafo flag from Ghana is a true treasure.  A wonderful, highly collectible, decorative art piece that tells of a distinct part of African Colonial history.

Size: 36 x 60"

Stitching:  hand stitched

Material: cotton applique/silk?

Canton: United Kingdom

Proverb: unknown

age: 1920's or 30's

Condition: holes and staining commensurate with age.

*This particular flag is a pre-independence Asafo flag likely dating from the 20's or 30's and is a published and exhibited flag from the collection of Paul Rosen.  Flags of this age and kind are increasingly rare to find.  Many ones of a similar age have been fetching upwards of 10k at auction as less and less come to market and more and more end up in Museum collections.

*published in Emblems of Power: Asafo Flags from Ghana by Paul and Mary Sue Rosen!


 Asafo flags derive from the militia groups of the Akan people of Ghana; many of whom lived along the coast and traded with Europeans for cloth.  Lacking organised military at the time the Fante peoples organised into Asafo ( Sa meaning War and Fo meaning people) units that protected local interests.  The Fante culture continues to this day with regular festivals.