About Us/Contact

  Atelier Nomade is an eclectic art and design studio, based in Toronto, Canada, created by artist/designer Alexander Jowett.  Focusing on handmade, low environmental impact products for the home and outdoors, as well as collectible art and design, Atelier Nomade is a contemporary version of a traditional trading post with products ranging from antique and vintage Moroccan rugs, collectible textile art, handmade ottomans and unique lighting to painted axes and paddles. 

   Atelier Nomade owner Alexander Jowett is an artist and designer who chooses products with an artistic eye that focus on handmade, high quality, long life and low environmental impact.  Jowett also designs products and works with artisans and designers locally and globally to bring together a unique and eclectic range of products.  In addition to this Jowett also consults on select interior design projects as well as art collecting.

Services Offered:

Art consultation

Interior Design consultation

Custom furniture and lighting design

Creative interior solutions

Prop rentals

* For more of our Interior projects and installations check here: https://ateliernomade.tumblr.com


Atelier Nomade

20 Brockton Ave. unit 13

Toronto, ON, M6K 1S5


Phone: 416) 671-2537

email: Alex@AtelierNomade.ca

hours: mon-thurs 10-5pm or by appointment or chance