Moulouya Valley Maalema- Very Rare Maalema rug


  This exceptionally rare Marmoucha (or Beni Jelidassen?) rug is a wonderfully unique piece that rarely comes to market, as most remain in private and Museum collections.  Mixing inspiration from master weaver (Maalem) rugs with a vibrant spirit this female rug is an exceptional and truly unique piece.  Is quite possibly a Maalema (female master weaver) rug as it shows a weaving excellence often only found in commissioned male master weaver rugs, but with a distinctly female style.  A wonderful baroque beauty from the Middle Atlas.

Size: 11 x 6'2"

Tribe: Marmoucha or Beni Jelidassen

Region: Middle Atlas (Moulouya Valley)

Pile: medium/low

Knots: Berber

Age: 1950's/60's

Condition: great/ has minor reinforcements along selvedge.

Special Features: unprecedented design and weaving, mixed (goat and wool) warp.