Eastern Promises - Rare Eastern High Atlas mixed weave 'Asachu'


 An excellent and elegant Eastern High Atlas '*Asachu.' Likely made by the Ait Ayache (?) or Ait Segrouchene du Sud this mixed weave piece from the 60's or 70's is a very rare find.  An interplay of banded colours, diamonds, zig-zags, and lovely Moulouya Valley colouring are the hallmarks of this rare and excellent piece.

Size: 12'6" x 6'

Confederation: Ait Yafelmane (?) or Ait Segrouchene du Sud

Tribe: Ait Ayache (?)

Region: Eastern High Atlas

Pile: mixed/flat/looped pile

knots: mixed/symmetric

age: 1960's or 70's

Condition: Excellent, with minor wear, time honoured fading and one professional repair.

*Asachu were originally made as tent dividers and were prestige pieces often made to show off the weaver's skill.  Due to the fact they were hung as walls instead of on the ground, older pieces can still be in great condition.  Their structure also makes them great as rugs.