Pink Moons - Excellent double sided Beni Mguild tazerbit


   This excellent double sided (pile and flat weave) rug by the Beni Mguild tribe is a beautiful example of traditional Moroccan design that emphasizes great quality.  With lots of deep natural indigo throughout this rug would have been used with the pile side down during the day or when visitors came around to display the intricate design, and with the pile side up for sleeping on in the evening.  Over the years the wearing away of the pile slowly reveals the once-hidden design on both sides.

* Rugs like this were generally considered prestige rugs and often were only used during festivals and were tucked away much of the rest of the time.  Which is a good reason why ones like this are in such good condition despite their age (1930's)

Size: 10'6" x 6'3"

Tribe: Beni Mguild

Region: Middle Atlas

Pile: double-sided/flat weave and deep pile

Knots: Berber

Age: 1930's or 40's

Condition: excellent/ Minor fringe wear to one corner/pile wear commensurate with age.

Notes: lots of deep, exceptional, indigo that indicates an age from 1940's or earlier.