Minamalist Fante Asafo Flag (Drummer) - 1930's/40's


This excellent No. 3 Company Fante Asafo flag from Ghana is a true treasure.  A wonderful, highly collectible, decorative art piece that tells of a distinct part of African Colonial history. This particular flag is typical of No. 3 Company in it's minimalist green ground but shows wonderful embroidery in the drummer and text. 

*This flag also shows the palimpsest of the date 1874 so was likely some sort of commemorative flag!

Size: 40 x 68"

Stitching:  hand stitched/embroidery

Material: cotton applique

Canton: United Kingdom

Proverb: Unknown

age: 1940's or 50's

Company: No. 3

Condition: light staining, small holes commensurate with age.


 Asafo flags derive from the militia groups of the Akan people of Ghana; many of whom lived along the coast and traded with Europeans for cloth.  Lacking organised military at the time the Fante peoples organised into Asafo ( Sa meaning War and Fo meaning people) units that protected local interests.  The Fante culture continues to this day with regular festivals.