Aubergine Dream- Beautiful double-sided Beni Mguild tazerbit


 A wonderful Beni MGuild tazerbit (prestige rug) dating to the 1930's or 40's with full lustrous pile on one side and a detailed and masterfully woven flat woven side on the other.  Lots of prevalent deep natural indigo dates this rug to the 1940's or earlier.  Pieces like this were usually only used as prestige pieces and would only ever being used a few times a year during Moussems; Moroccan festival gatherings.  The Beni MGuild are known as one of the largest and wealthiest tribal groups in Morocco and rugs like this one were considered prestige pieces and were coveted.  Le Corbusier described rugs like this as 'twinkling from the floor' in obvious reference to the mystical celestrial mood them embody on the pile side.  Like looking at stars reflected on the surface of a calm lake in the summer.

tribe: Beni Mguild

pile: deep/flat

knots:  berber, symmetric

age: 1930's/40's

condition: excellent

special features: double sided/deep natural indigo