Antique Fante Asafo Flag (Crab and Snake) - 1920's/30's


This excellent pre-independence Fante Asafo flag from Ghana is a true treasure.  A wonderful, highly collectible, decorative art piece that tells of a distinct part of African Colonial history.  This flag depicts an all embroidered Crab and Snake, which are powerful emblems in the Asafo lexiconography.

Size: 30 x 58"

Stitching:  hand stitched

Material: felt/synthetic/hand embroidery

Canton: United Kingdom

Proverb: unknown

workshop: Unknown

age: 1920's or 30's

Condition: holes and staining commensurate with age.

*This particular flag is a pre-independence Asafo flag likely dating from the 20's or 30's.  Flags of this age and kind are increasingly rare to find.  Many ones of a similar age have been fetching upwards of 10k at auction as less and less come to market and more and more end up in Museum collections.


 Asafo flags derive from the militia groups of the Akan people of Ghana; many of whom lived along the coast and traded with Europeans for cloth.  Lacking organised military at the time the Fante peoples organised into Asafo ( Sa meaning War and Fo meaning people) units that protected local interests.  The Fante culture continues to this day with regular festivals.